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The 5 Things Clients Want From Their Accountants

By July 8, 2016January 16th, 2017Blogs

Below are 5 points that clients are looking for in their accountants. We believe that here at Coleman and Co we follow all of these points, and always provide our clients with exactly what they need as their accountants.

1. Advice

The first point that we aim to meet is advice. When you come to us with your accounts, we first arrange consultations to discuss your needs and offer our professional advice as to where you are going wrong and what you need to do.

This comes in various forms, especially tax advice, which is the most common piece of advice our clients are asking for.

2. Barrier

We act as your safety barrier between your accounts and the HMRC. We can deal with them on your behalf and are always around in investigations and providing the relevant documentation when needed.

3. Compliance

As your accountant we deal with all of the compliance paperwork and procedures so that you, as a client, can focus on running your business. You have peace of mind knowing that your accounts are in safe hands and you can relax with much less stress on your plate.

4. Dates

We always provide you with accurate dates to make sure that you are in the know at all times. Our services work around your needs, your dates and when you need us so we make sure that we meet deadlines that are set by us and together.

5. Estimates

The final point that we make sure our clients receive is estimates. We aim to provide you with estimates on tax amounts you will be paying and if you are due any tax rebates. We always update you when there are changes made to your accounts and make sure that you are well aware of the estimates we create.

With Coleman and Co you can get affordable, reliable and professional accountancy services. With various services on offer including taxation, consultancy and bookkeeping you can trust our team to meet your needs and always put your requirements first. Get in touch for more information or read our other blog posts to learn more about our team.

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