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New Year Accounting Tips

By January 5, 2017February 8th, 2017Blogs

It is important to follow up with your best practices into the new year and with Coleman and Co experts on hand at all times, there is no need to fall behind on your bookkeeping in 2017.

Follow these tips to ensure your accounts are in order and ready for the new tax year, because it is important to your business and legally with the HMRC.


The first and most important tip to follow in the new year is keeping your business accounts separate to your personal accounts. This include any spending you may take part in, outgoings and expenses to ensure that all business related items only ever go through the business accounts. The biggest mistake that many small to medium business owners make is crossing over the line between business and personal, which never helps the accountants when it comes to bookkeeping and end of year accounts.

Getting the right advisor

Here at Coleman and Co we ensure that all of our clients are comfortable with us as their advisors and get to know their needs personally before any accounting takes place. This is so important to not only you as a business owner, but also to us as accountants, to ensure that we are providing the finest service possible to all of our clients regardless of their financial situation.

Get Digital

In 2017 it is important that you are digital. No one works with paper anymore in the fast paced world we live in and if you are still filing your tax returns and other financial documents by hand, it is time you put your trust in Coleman and Co to take care of it for you. We understand that major changes in a business’ functioning are difficult to implement but it will only ever help your business and will need to be done at some point in the near future, so why wait?


We understand the importance in personalisation for your own business because no ‘standard’ bookkeeping format will work for every business. Coleman and Co are specialists in creating bespoke accounting services tailored to every individual client and setting up systems that work for you in particular.

Invoices Matter

It is imperative to understand the importance of invoices. Without this understanding you can miss vital opportunities, income and also be creating hazardous accounts that you will struggle with in the future. Keep a close check on all invoices you send out and all invoices you receive and keep your finances organised.

Get in Touch

These 5 tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to accounting but with Coleman and Co we can cover all elements for your productive year in business this 2017. Call us on 028 9266 3599 to find out more and to speak to our dedicated accountants about your business accounts.

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