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Our specialists here at Coleman and Co understand the pressures that most GP practices are under in the current financial climate. As well as having the public’s health in your hands, you also have legal responsibilities and financial deadlines to meet.

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GP Practices

If you ever find yourself in a position of not knowing the next steps to take, our accountants are always on hand. We have the knowledge needed to remove any barriers in your process to allow you to keep running your day to day business like normal without setbacks. Our team can provide high-quality accountancy services with:

  • Delivering of financial matters and assistance with making decisions
  • Meet all timed deadlines and prepare accounts prior to this
  • Create budgets for your finances and create cash flow forecasts for the future
  • Recommend how to save tax expenses
  • Process all expense claims from employees
  • Create the relevant NHS pensions forecasts
  • Provide you with knowledgeable information regarding the medical profession and the financial industry
  • Provide book-keeping services
  • Year round support in times of need

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Our team can provide more information and GP practice assistance if you call us on 028 9266 3599.

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