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Do I Need An Accountant To Do My Tax Return?

By September 26, 2016May 26th, 2022Blogs

Depending on your personal situation, many people find that going to an accountant with their taxes actually saves them money in the long run. Being self-employed is a massive indicator to use an accountant for your tax returns, but other reasons are noted below.

1. Owning your own business

Owning your own business brings a lot of responsibility, including your tax return. An accountant comes into play when you need to arrange your files and taxes correctly and to also avoid making mistakes. Your accountant can also determine professionally how much taxes you should be paying rather than just estimated tax payments.

2. Keeping on top of your books

Without proper accounting throughout the whole year it can be really difficult to arrange your taxes effectively. When it comes to the end of the tax year, you need someone who knows what they are doing to arrange your taxes in time to avoid mistakes and fines from the HMRC.

3. Know your rights and saving money

Some businesses and account holders can be exempt from certain taxes. Without the knowledge, you wouldn’t know if you fit into these categories, this is where a qualified accountant comes into action to make you aware of money saving tactics.

4. Meet all deadlines

A professional accountant, like the team here at Coleman and Co, will arrange your tax returns in good time so that there is no room for error or late fees. Businesses are required to file their returns before the end of January so you can guarantee that this will be done way before with Coleman and Co accountants.

Whether you are a director, business owner, self-employed or a sole trader you can rely on Coleman and Co for reliable and organised tax return services. Get in touch by calling 028 9266 3599 for more information about your tax returns and how you can get effective assistance.

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