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Should Your Small Business Upgrade To Accounting Systems?

By October 20, 2017Blogs

Although spreadsheets do the job for many small businesses in the UK, they are not the most effective system to manage your finances. With accounting systems being constantly upgraded to deal with every financial record, here are the main reasons you should be switching to accounting systems…

Coleman & Co can provide every business with the correct accounting systems to use for all finances. We can keep systems on site in your workplace or monitor it from our offices, so you are always in the know over your business’ money.

Built For Accounting

Whilst you can use any system you want for your accounting, payroll and cashflow, having a system that is purpose built for it seems like the best option. With a system designed specifically for the financial planning and organisation within your business, spreadsheets are nowhere near this standard.

Everything completed on a spreadsheet must be completed manually, whether this is creating formulas or inserting different figures. This can be extremely time consuming and a continuous process that must be done over and over again. Save yourself the hassle by installing the correct accounting systems.

Remove Human Errors

Everybody makes mistakes in life – this is just a part of being Human! However, by removing the Human error that can be caused in your finances, you ensure complete accuracy with every figure. Although your own input is required for accounting systems, this is simply inserting your numbers into the various columns you have. This makes managing your finances a whole lot easier and cuts out the easy mistakes that occur on spreadsheets.

With all the different information you must put into spreadsheets, errors are bound to occur. Whether this is when you are organising payroll or adjusting cashflow, you can never be left with the wrong figure. If your business is constantly making errors, using professional accounting systems could save money that is usually lost through errors.

Many accounting systems allow a direct download of bank account data. This means no input whatsoever as all transactions are downloaded straight into a system for you to use freely.

Managing All Finances

Spreadsheets can be used for everything, but having to create several spreadsheets to manage your finances isn’t ideal. With the help of specialist computerised accounting systems, you can manage EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter what you want to use it for most, you can take advantage of every feature, including:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Cashflow
  • Financial Planning
  • Invoices & Transactions
  • Payroll
  • Taxation

With all these tasks being easily calculated on our Sage accounting systems, you can complete maximum work in minimum time. Accounting systems can also provide readymade reports based on the data within your system, providing you with different options for the future of your business.

Security & Sharing

Spreadsheets can be shared through email or external applications. However, this only takes up even more time. Additionally, if anyone goes into any of these accounts or computers, they can easily view your spreadsheet and all the figures displayed on it – not very secure!

Accounting systems ensure that you can share your figures and finances with any computer you want, whilst remaining secure against intruders. This helps as our team can effortlessly manage your finances from our offices in Lisburn, whilst still providing you with the information over your finances.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the accounting systems we can provide throughout Lisburn, call Coleman & Co today. We will always provide you with accounting systems of the highest standard. Our team can also show you how to manage each feature and take full advantage of the system. Call us today on 028 9266 3599.

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