• Is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is an important role within any business, as it allows accountants to record and deal with all financial work. This means that this is an efficient way of keeping an eye on all your books day to day.

By having a professional bookkeeper for your business, you are allowing a process which will not only keep your books up-to-date but will also make sure your accounts are correct. This results in no future problems.

Every business wants to improve! By keeping an eye on your finances and records, your accountant will certainly provide a bookkeeping service taking care of:

Accountants can help all individuals and businesses with services including, recording, analysing and interpreting financial papers. This gives your accountant a full understanding on what your business entails, requires and can save money on.

What Are Bookkeeping Systems?

By allowing qualified accountants to deal with your finances, you are allowing your business to grow. Furthermore, this should bring a wide variety of advantages to your company.

There are two types of bookkeeping systems to choose from. Both systems can be done manually or computerised for both single-entry and double-entry systems, which are used by accountants.

Single-entry bookkeeping systems are used mainly for smaller businesses with little connections. They allow accountants to make minimal transactions. This is used as a quick and simple way of tracking all the business’s records. They keep a system that has a summary of all cash receipts and disbursements.

Double-entry bookkeeping systems are used for more complex transactions such as larger companies. Double-entry bookkeeping services allow transactions to be received by both credit and debit card, as well as accurately recording all transactions received within your business.

Bookkeeping systems offer a large selection of benefits within your business. Hence, they help your accountants deal with your bookkeeping services. Additionally, they are a cost-effective scheme, allowing a reliable and secure way of keeping an eye on all your finances.

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How Will Bookkeeping Benefit My Business?

By having a qualified accountant to manage all bookkeeping services, you are allowing your business accounts to gain a wide variety of benefits, such as:
Save you time – allowing you to focus and work within your business without getting caught up on your businesses account work.

Improve your businesses work level – meaning your accountant will ensure all payments are paid off to suppliers as soon as possible, leaving you with no unpaid bills.

Ensure all accounts are correct and up-to-date – guaranteeing all legal regulations are met, preventing you from receiving any fines or complications.

Reduce your tax liability – allowing you to accomplish lower tax, guiding you on the best way to manage your expenses.

Lower your costs – this allows your business to keep on top of books with as little loss to the company as possible.

Furthermore, bookkeepers are responsible to track all payments, create invoices and sort through all your books, giving you peace of mind that your business is in safe and competent hands.

Above all, bookkeeping is an important service within your business, as accountants check through all your company’s data and files, taking great care and attention to documents – looking for any potential problems that shouldn’t be there which will need to be changed, increasing your businesses profits.

Many accountants can deal with bookkeeping services, therefore, to find out any further information, get in touch and call 028 9266 3599.


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