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How To Bookkeep Effectively

By October 16, 2019Blogs, Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is one of the most important tasks for any business but can be very strenuous. Finding an effective and efficient way to bookkeep should be a priority for you. This allows you to complete bookkeeping tasks quickly and focus on other areas of your business.

Coleman & Co support all businesses throughout Lisburn and Northern Ireland. Whether you need advice regarding finances or want to outsource, we help you bookkeep effectively.

Create A Bookkeeping System

Your bookkeeping and record-keeping doesn’t just become efficient overnight or by simply storing your records. Your bookkeeping process should be planned and by creating an actual system, this will allow you to manage more effectively. Having some sort of spreadsheet in Excel simply isn’t enough and you will realise the benefits of an actual bookkeeping system.

Using professional accounting software, bookkeeping becomes much easier. There is a range of software you can choose from if you are looking to manage books yourself. Outsourcing may be the best option to ensure the best software is being used correctly. However, if you have a good system in place and you stick to your bookkeeping process, this should allow all finances to be managed correctly.

Organise Existing Finances

Whether you are a start-up business or established for several years without a proper bookkeeping system, make sure you organise your existing finances. It is important you are on track with all invoices and transactions throughout your business, preventing any errors and also recording any finances before your business was launched. This could include loans or buying resources and equipment.

This will also make managing your future finances much easier. When it comes to making end of year accounts, financial reports and tax returns, your finances must be accurate. Without bookkeeping being completed correctly from the start, it could lead to more errors further down the line with finances not adding up and being recorded. Potentially, errors could creep in, even leading to fines during tax returns.


You can always make improvements to your financial management and self-auditing is a great tool to do this. Self-auditing will allow you to identify any errors in your bookkeeping process and why they are occurring. Making improvements is then much easier as you already know what the mistakes are, rather than making random changes that could go either way.

Self-auditing will also help you avoid future problems. By completing this consistently, it means your bookkeeping process is completely up to date. Less and less errors should be made as your system improves and any errors that still pop up can be quickly amended.

Financial Reports

Creating financial reports can help every business owner bookkeep more effectively. Not only does this help your business by having a summary of your financial performance month-by-month, comparisons and improvement become easier.

Financial reports will allow you to look back at previous finances and find any errors which may be affecting your current financial accuracies. Additionally, using this bookkeeping method is perfect for other resources such as cash flow forecasts and making financial improvements.

Outsource To Accountants

Whilst you may take all the right steps towards an effective bookkeeping system, it still isn’t enough. If this is the case, outsourcing to bookkeepers and accountants is the best option.

This will make sure all record-keeping is accurate and avoids any errors and keep your bookkeeping completely up to date. Also using the best industry software, this will make sure you bookkeep effectively.

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