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Benefits Of Smaller Accounting Firms

Choosing between large and small accounting firms can be a difficult decision for many businesses. However, working with a local and smaller accounting firm can often be the best option. There are many drawbacks to using larger firms to manage your finances.

Coleman & Co support all businesses, large and small, throughout Lisburn and the surrounding area. When you are considering accounting firms, our team can always offer a comprehensive service.

Personal & Genuine Relationships

With many bigger firms employing a number of staff members, you can find yourself working with different accountants each time. Not only does this mean you can’t develop a genuine relationship with your accountant, but it can be more difficult to manage your finances. Dealing with different staff makes it harder to discuss the same issues you are encountering on a regular basis.

With personal service from smaller accounting firms, you can be assured of support whenever it is required. As you also deal with the same accountant for your business, this allows you to create genuine relationships whilst continuously improving business finances. Smaller accounting firms will always strive to improve your business financially.

Local Expertise

Whilst this isn’t always your main priority, an accountant with knowledge and expertise of the local area can be helpful. A local accountant is also easier to visit if you require an actual meeting, helping to build your relationship. Additionally, this can be much easier than getting in touch with accountants from a bigger firm.

At Coleman & Co, our local expertise gives us a great understanding of any issues that could be occurring to local businesses and industries. As we are located nearby, we have a great understanding of all the problems you could encounter when based in Northern Ireland.

Experience With All Businesses

Both big and small firms will have experience dealing with all businesses in many industries. However as smaller accounting firms work much closer and regularly with each business, it will often give us a better understanding of each business’ problems and how to solve them effectively.

This means when you come up against financial issues, we have the experience to quickly deal with them. Providing all accounting services you may require, we can identify a number of problems and how to improve your financial performance. Whether this is through your cash flow, tracking invoices or creating business budgets, we can always assist.

Time To Improve

Along with a personal service, accountants from smaller firms will often have more time to completely dedicate to your business. This means other than general accounting and bookkeeping, you will receive a huge range of accounting services. Rather than just having other accounting information available to you, smaller accountants can work through this information and advise you on how to improve.

With consultancy and advice services also available, this ensures you can discuss your business and finances whenever you require. Smaller accounting firms will always have the time available to work closely with you and give the further information you require. This also means accountants can work in each area of your business, specialising in its improvement. In the long term-smaller accounting firms can be the best option to improve your finances.

Of course, choosing an accountant is different for every business. Smaller firms are often more personal, cost-effective and helpful for improvement, giving you the best opportunity to grow.

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For more information on the accounting services we have available, contact Coleman & Co today. We can always provide the advice you need regarding your finances and discuss all the services you require. Call 028 9266 3599 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry and receive a fast response.

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