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How Accountants Are Preparing For GDPR

By May 8, 2018August 23rd, 2018Blogs

On 25th May 2018, GDPR will be enforced and all businesses must comply with these new regulations. There are several actions accountants are taking to ensure all data we use is secure, whilst still providing our clients with the highest standard of service.

Coleman & Co will adhere to GDPR with all finances and ensure clients all data will be secure no matter what services you require.

Impacts On Your Business

Whilst all businesses will have to comply with GDPR, the new law will impact some businesses a lot more than others. Our cash flow forecasting will take into account the factor of GDPR, providing you with a good insight into whether your finances will be affected over the next few months.

Whilst most businesses will be able to carry on with their regular finances without any issues, others may have to make changes to ensure they are adhering to GDPR. We will always support you to prepare you for any financial changes.

Accessing Data

With GDPR, every individual has the right to see their own personal data. We ensure all finances and data is available for our clients to view whenever you require. As accountants, we will continuously handle the data of our clients to provide you with financial information. If you ever require business finances, our services will ensure these figures are made available quickly.

Additionally, this may not always be financial data. Personal information for our clients may also be stored and updated for easy contact. If changes are ever required, GDPR means every business must give access to this personal data.

Keeping Data Secure

GDPR’s key principles are to ensure that all data you store is completely secure and protected. No data should be shared or at risk of being taken, every business must strive to keep any data safe. Coleman & Co have the necessary accounting systems to keep the data secure of every business we work with.

GDPR fines are enough to bankrupt every business, with two possible fine tiers. These fines are €10,000,000 or 2% of annual global turnover and €20,000,000 or 4% of annual global turnover. Our accountants will try to prevent every business from having this impact on their finances, ensuring your finances and data is kept secure at all times.

Audit Procedures

Accountants currently handle data from many customers on a daily basis. Whilst continuing to do this, current procedures should be correctly audited to guarantee that all data currently being used is secure. We are always happy to advise clients and create financial reports, with any current services should be audited.

No matter what data we are handling, this will be kept secure for our clients. Whether data is transferred between departments or shared with your own staff members, it will always be kept secure to prevent data being stolen.

Secure Computerised Accounting Systems

Coleman & Co have computerised accounting systems for all clients, allowing us to deliver several services. Accounting software offers many benefits, allowing data to be transferred between ourselves and clients easily and accurately.

Computerised accounting systems are always available to ensure all financial services are completed accurately. Our accounting systems are always completely secure, preventing any breaches of data. This ensures there are no issues with GDPR as your personal data will always be secure.

Contact Us

For more information on the services we have available or how we can help our clients with any GDPR issues, speak to our team today on. We can always offer advice or give information regarding how your data is being kept secure. Call us today on 028 9266 3599 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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