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Coleman and Co are here to help your business set and reach its financial goals throughout the year with budgeting and forecasting. With an overall plan for money spent from month to month, you can monitor your outgoings, expenditures and then plan for future developments.

As well as watching your present financial situation, you can work with our team to predict your future finances. This makes sure that you can decide what you need to do as a business to thrive. Whether you work on a monthly or yearly basis, we will get you the accounting plan you are looking for.

An essential part of any business is budgeting and forecasting. Furthermore, it can be the make or break element of your future. Without budgets, your business’ spends can spiral out of control. As a result, your forecasting can also fall short.

What Is the Difference Between Budgeting and Forecasting?

There is a stark difference between budgeting and forecasting that many business owners miss. Your budget is a quantified expectation you have for your business. Whereas the forecast is what your business will actually achieve, being that the budgets are met. Use your budget to suggest where you want your business to go and use the forecast to see where it actually will go.

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To find out more about budgeting and forecasting for your business, call Coleman and Co on 028 9266 3599. Keep a watchful eye on your future and prepare for success with your finances.

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