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5 Ways Accountants Save Business Money

By May 15, 2018August 23rd, 2018Blogs

Whilst accountants may initially increase your business expenses, there are several ways your money will be saved. Accountants can help businesses of all sizes save money, being a great option no matter what your financial condition is.

Coleman & Co provide a range of services and advice to clients throughout the Lisburn area. Whatever you require support with, our accountants can always improve your financial performance.

Financial Forecasting

Planning both expenses and income accurately is key to a successful business. By creating cash flow forecasts that represent a good estimate of what your business might achieve, you can plan effectively. Accountants can always make accurate cash flow forecasts, ensuring you have a good understanding of the future finances in your business.

With financial forecasting, you can always prepare to budget more or motivate to sell more. With this insight, you have good knowledge of whether your business needs to improve in the future or whether your current performance will meet required targets.

Avoiding Tax Penalties

Nobody likes doing their own takes, but they must be done correctly and on time. Although failure to do this could just end in a warning, continuous problems will lead to hefty penalties. Whilst you must always stay within the law, the helping hand of an accountant can ensure you pay as little as possible for your taxes.

This ensures you save money, whilst avoiding any penalties, by simply knowing the law inside and out. Additionally, outsourcing your tax returns allows you to focus on different business requirements. Taxations must be considered throughout the business year on all transactions and payroll. Accountants will tax you and your staff correctly so tax returns are completed without any issues before the deadline.


Whether you are a start-up business or well established in the industry, budgets are essential. Budgets can be used for individual staff members, the entire business or certain departments and they will always help you save business money.

Whilst a budget is a great method to reduce costs, you must plan your budget effectively. If your budget is too little or too large, it could have a negative effect. Costs could be reduced, but you may not have enough money to invest or the budget may be ineffective in reducing your spend. Finding the right mix will prevent business costs rising, whilst still allowing you to invest in the business.

Accountants can always create effective and accurate budgets that allow your business to succeed. If you need to reduce ongoing and one-off business costs, budgets must be used.

Bookkeeping & Invoice Advice

Knowing where your money is coming from is something every business should be on top of. However, managing your invoices and bookkeeping correctly seems to be a challenge for several businesses.

Bookkeeping should always be done, along with invoice tracking to view every transaction within your business. If a payment stops or begins, you will always know about it and can always take action if something doesn’t seem quite right. Accountants can bookkeep for every business, monitoring any financial changes that occur and ensuring you can chase up any invoices or transactions that have been made unexpectedly.

Managing Growth

In addition to budgeting, the growth of your business should always be controlled. Unless you are making more money than you know what to do with, your growth shouldn’t happen all at once. Having worked with businesses across all industries, accountants can manage the growth of any client.

If you choose to invest too much money, it could have the adverse effect, meaning your business doesn’t grow and ends up in a worse financial state than before. Investing your money at the right times is key to successful growth and with the forecasting and planning of an accountant, this is achievable.

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